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Since 1995 our mission has been to empower investors with detailed, relevant and timely stock information. We specialize in providing a unique perspective on small and micro capitalized stocks - as they are often totally ignored to under-covered at best, by most brokerage analysts. Investors Guru focuses on tangible details, not hype! We do not make recommendations to buy or sell, or set stock price targets.

We are always looking for new stock ideas to research and share. We review a variety of companies that have a compelling story, worthy of our Top 30 Small Caps list. This means we consider both quiet undiscovered value stocks, to momentum stocks that are already trending higher with volume, towards becoming one of our Featured Stocks.

Investors Guru values your time, and that most of us need help sorting through all the noise and ads found on other financial sites, in order to eventually find the information you want. Our members rely on us because our web pages are kept clean, with only high quality, focused and fast loading: text, visual, audio and video content.

The New InvestorsGuru.com has been upgraded into one of the most comprehensive stock research tools on the net. Our home page is an instant market update, with headlines of current reports and today's markets news, plus charts and tables of stocks, indices, commodities and forex prices, at a glance. We employ popup windows to instantly display additional requested information, with options to print, email, adjust font size, and display charts - without refreshing or leaving the page.

Simply enter a Detailed Quote symbol and click Submit, to display any security's detailed quotes, charts and news releases. One more click gets you markets, level II depth, option chains, company info, financial reports, insider trades, analyst ratings, earnings estimates and historical data. All from one page, for all major North American Exchanges and ECNs, including common stock, preferred stock, options, warrants, futures, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, UITs/ETFs, rates and indices. No more endless clicking!

Watch our Site Tour Video to see why InvestorsGuru.com is The Ultimate Stock Research Site. Also watch our Featured Stocks CEO Videos, or view them at the YouTube.com/InvestorsGuru channel. Day traders subscribe to our Guru Trader Tweet at Twitter.com/InvestorsGuru, to get 5 to 7 stocks regularly that are trending higher or making new highs, on high volume - for their PC, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other mobile devices in real-time.

Signup now and become a member - it's quick, simple, and free to register! It's just as easy to unsubscribe anytime. Members are emailed our monthly Small Cap Stock Observer newsletter, touching on everything from macroeconomics, politics and wealth management ideas, to market trends, commodities and specific stock updates. As new Featured Stocks are added, members receive their Stock Profile and News by Email, as it's released. Logged-in members can always change their News by Email preferences, to get only the news releases you want.

Members have special site privileges! View and update your My Portfolio and My Watchlist & Alerts, and if/when these should also be emailed - daily or just on Friday's, after the markets close. View our AnyTicker.com Bulletin Boards by quoting any valid stock and then scroll down. To join the discussion and post your comments and opinion, simply login to our site, or login with your Facebook or other accounts.

Your level of involvement in our investor community is totally up to you. Some members get Detailed Quotes, News, Guru Trader Tweets, and post on our Bulletin Boards daily; while other members setup their My Preferences and wait for us to email them. Either way, look to the left column at our main site and Signup Now, It's Free!

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